Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing

Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing



The experience of working like a Blacksmith

This image is one showing the magic of a traditional coal fire, used to heat steel in the professional set-up at Red Anvil Forge, where Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing is hosted.  

Coal fired forges and gas fired furnaces are used to heat the steel to yellow/orange colour.  Once the metal has reached the required state of heat, it enables the ‘smith to hammer the relatively soft metal into shape.  The hot metal is hammered on an anvil, a heavy piece of equipment with various round and flat faces to help shape the metal.

Hand hammers of different weights and shapes, are used to great effect to turn the hot metal into a huge variety of items of metalwork.

Some of the shaped pieces of metal may be representative of traditional ways of working, other shapes may be pure invention on the spur of the moment.

At Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing, mistakes are rare, but opportunities are plentiful.

Richard and Linda Bent